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I am looking for a job

Refugee Talent Hub brings employers and refugees closer together with the aim of paid jobs.

About Refugee Talent Hub

As a professional with a refugee background, you're eager to find work, but landing a paid job can be challenging. There are several reasons for this: qualifications aren't always recognised, language can be a barrier, and demonstrating work experience and skills effectively can be tough. Moreover, you often face prejudice and have a limited network.

It's a shame because work is more than just earning money. It provides structure, social connections, and helps you feel valued and connected. When you can apply your talents and experience, it benefits you, your employer, and society as a whole. It's a win-win!

That's why Refugee Talent Hub connects you with organisations. We believe that every job opportunity starts with a personal encounter.

What does Refugee Talent Hub?

Refugee Talent Hub helps you find work. We organise company visits, training sessions, work experience programmes, and other activities that assist you in securing a job. Sometimes we host direct recruitment events, and other times we offer training to help you acquire the skills needed in the Dutch job market.

Here you can find an explanation of our approach. And the complete range of our Dutch and English events can be found here.

Join us at one of our activities and discover how we can support you in finding work!

How do I stay informed about opportunities and activities?

Are you a professional with a refugee background looking to improve your job prospects? Sign up for one of our activities or subscribe to our newsletter. This way, you'll stay informed about our events and those of our community partners. It also increases the chances of employers discovering you when they're seeking candidates.

You can also find our activities on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Got any questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

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To prepare for your meeting with employers, it's useful to:

  • Have your CV ready;
  • Get your qualifications evaluated. Having your qualifications evaluated makes it easier for employers to understand your education background. More information can be found here;
  • Work on your language skills. Need tips? Find them here.